TPI test

Dr. Greg Rose and Dave Philips Professional Golf founded in 2004, the Titleist Performance Institute ( TPI) in California, A very important aspect of the ICC program lies in the connection between the muscles of your body and swing .
Thanks to a study by a special swing analysis in 3D, who is applying the specific programs that combine athletic training technique of the swing.

At 360 ° you can know with certainty which physical limitation you can concentrate on to be able to improve a technical error on the driving range.
This international certification is applied to all those professionals (personal trainers, doctors and Golf Professionals) who have passed an exam.

THE PHILOSOPHY OF THE ICC is that each player can move the stick in many ways but that only one movement is best and is tied to what can personally be done physically.

TPI Certified Golf Professional Edoardo Nobili, after analyzing a video of your swing and technique through specific physical tests will provide you with a precise analysis of your physical situation and connect it to your technical errors.
The test results, along with a swing analysis video , will be sent directly to the ICC , who after examining it all, will send a PERSONALIZED CARD of physical exercises and golf drills , including a training program for two months.

The ICC TEST , will be structured as follows:

Swing analysis video
Physical Tests
Evaluation of possible physical limitations combined with technical errors
Final conclusions

In one 90-minute session , after evaluating your physical and technical status , you will be more aware of what you need to improve on in practice together with your teacher and in the gym ; through specific exercises and targeted to your physical limitations.